Still here. But you knew that, didn't you

classes are going well, but it's a lot more work keeping up with 3 classes than it was with 1. Go figure. Somehow i thought that it would be easy now that i'm 'only' working 30 hrs at Creve Coeur, but i'm finding my fatigue level constant, not diminishing.

I am planning to have a "pot party" at the studio in February. Anybody interested and able to make it to a throwing lesson, let me know and i'll arrange invites.

my hands are numb. I'm gonna keep this short. No surprise there, huh?

i'm still here tho.

this is my first time using this seemingly new editing interface, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

The ceramics program did in fact come through, and i can barely control my excitement. well, i'd be barely able to control it if i weren't so dam beat - if i had the energy reserves for excitement, i'd be intolerable.... work's kind of driving me into the ground, but at least monday marks the end of the semester (or at least the last class) at UMSL, so that'll be one less worry.

i need a source for easy quick recipes due to now having fed almost all of my friends the one and only thing i cook well. . . last night i had folks over, and it was noted by kat that she had eaten the chicken many a time - not that it was a complaint, but i felt somewhat lacking for not having come up with something new. I suppose the point of the story is that i still have very few cookbooks to help me prepare primarily chicken or veggie meals.

i suppose i did say that i'd post california photos, but somehow i haven't got around to it. now that it's snowing, or at least has been, perhaps some warmer-looking photos would be welcome. i'll try to get to it...

Here i am, not cool enough to be on Ben's friend blog list. Ok, so I don't post so often, and maybe when i do, it's not as cool as code-writing stuff, but still.. ok, 'nuff whining.

i'm going to be a pottery teacher at umsl. I have to get bids on equipment and give them specs on the space this week. I'm still not really confident that it's going to happen because money is an issue (UMSL has a smaller and smaller budget every year, and the art department doesn't get a huge cut) but i'm hopeful.

they aren't letting me get out of the computer class, but I told them that they need to get me in at least 3 sessions - 2 isn't enough $. I was a little nervous saying it, but what's the worst that could happen, they'd say no, and i'd take the two classes and deal. But they seemed okay with giving me more, so i'm hopeful....